Ghostly tales from the Fort

Often we are too embarrassed to admit to weird experiences but at a recent gathering of Museum volunteers, tour guides and Fort guards, tales of  unusual “ghostly” encounters were exchanged. These stories have ranged from seeing phantom soldiers marching past to hearing a long past sentry challenging someone approaching. Two people reported seeing the ghost of Gunner John Hulston who was murdered in 1942. The sightings have occurred in the old fort hospital, on the parade ground and in the magazines.

The Fort Queenscliff Heritage Association is recording some of these experiences and invite people to let us know of odd adventures that have happened to you while working at or visiting Fort Queenscliff.

We welcome both written or verbal records and are happy to arrange a time to hear your stories and document them.

This is of course voluntary and can be anonymous if wished.

If you are in contact with anyone who has a ghost story relating to the Fort , please let them know of this project.

 Contacts :

Viv Lewis         0432 563 198

Bob Marmion  0408 326 311