Our Sponsors

The Fort Queenscliff Heritage Association is extremely grateful for the assistance you have provided.  Your contribution helps us improve our service and recognises the importance of our work in promoting Queenscliff as a place to visit, stay a while and learn about this heritage town.  We strive to continually improve our services and your support is greatly appreciated.

Borough of Queenscliffe Grant

In 2021 a grant of $900 from the Borough of Queenscliffe to the FQHA allowed us to purchase a new document scanner, our first book scanner, the Czur ET18 Pro.

While it makes excellent copies of photographs and pictures it comes into its own when handling multi page items like books. The scanner not only automatically selects the right size for the document and digitises the image but splits it into to two separate pages and ‘flattens’ them out on the scanned image. Furthermore, the software enables you to save the images as a straight photo or PDF, or in a format that is readable by the computer allowing you to search the text for particular words or sentences. A great boon to researchers.

We thank the Borough for this opportunity improve to our scanning and research capabilities … Thankyou.

Queenscliff Point Lonsdale Community Enterprise

In 2021 the QPLCE Grant Scheme provided the FQHA with a grant of $800 to be used to purchase PA equipment for the Fort tour guides.

We thank the QPLCE and the Bendigo Bank for this opportunity to improve the tour experience for the guides and the many people who embrace our tours … Thankyou.