What will you discover on a tour of Fort Queenscliff? Some questions you might like to have answered.


What is behind these walls?


 The guard room's original bell can be heard throughout the Fort, even underground.

 Keep close to your tour guide and you can visit the cells for a short time. But misbehave and you may relive the experience of the "Boy Soldiers" who were punished with a long stay. Their story was recreated by the ABC in a mini-series filmed at Fort Queenscliff.

 On the tour you will visit the Victoria Cross Garden. What is a Victoria Cross? Who are the three V.C. Recipients represented in the garden? What is a 32 pounder gun? Visit the garden to find out.

 THE KEEP. What is it? Why was it built? On the tour of Fort Queenscliff you not only find out about the keep, you get to go inside.

 The Quartermasters stores. What is a Quartermaster?

 Queenscliff's oldest building. Was it a Post office or a bank? Maybe it was both and more. Could it have sent electronic messages before radio and the internet?

 What are those two towers peeking over the wall? One is obviously a black lighthouse, but what is that other one?


 The fire directing station does what?

 Why was Fort Queenscliff important to the overall defence of Port Phillip?

 Behind these people is a disappearing gun. It's Hydro-pneumatic, but it's not so systematic. See how it disappears at Fort Queenscliff

 The Parade Ground and the Royal Australian Army Engineers building. The design of the building isn't all that special but there is something very unique about the building. It's all about a King and the sacrifice he made to marry the women he loved.

One of the biggest surprises of Fort Queenscliff is behind the Green doors.


See it for yourself