The lighter side of life at Fort queenscliff

The Queenscliff Dinkum

From “The Fort Critic” (newspaper) Feb 28, 1918. 

If you take the boat to Queenscliff

When you land upon the pier

You will see some dinkum soldiers – for a cert;

For when they are not drilling

Or the amber liquid swilling

They are down there on the lookout for some skirt.

When they rise up in the morning

At the orderly Sergeant’s warning

For reveille is a sound they cannot hear;

They do their turn at slavery

Peel the spuds to make the gravy

And then they help old Dave to brew the beer.

Having done these little trifles,

Shaved and dressed and cleaned  their rifles,

And partaken of the porridge, fish and fruit,

They put on their leather kit,

Turn their ‘bays’ up till they fit,

And fall in like any raw recruit.

At the last note of the ‘fall-in’,

When the Sergeant’s finished bawlin’,

Down marches George to do his little stunt.

“Now, lards, back with your shoulders,

Pay attention to my arders,

And always look directly to your front”.

And just about ‘retreat’

When the sun has done its beat

They sally forth to quench their thirst in beer

Or catch some little peach

To take down on the beach

So goes the day for many a ‘rookie’ here.

Note – George refers to George Howard – the Regimental Sergeant Major at the time.


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